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MM Cars is an authorized car dealership, carrying such brands as Land Rover, Jaguar, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Hyundai and Opel. Their network of showrooms is located in five cities in Poland – Katowice, Zabrze, Wroclaw, Lubin and Warsaw. Their offer includes both new and used cars, as well as full service.


The client contacted us to design software to handle sales of car parts.

The CRM system we created, called “Parts”, allowed us to significantly shorten and streamline the customer service process, and thanks to the exchange rate module, foreign customer service was also introduced. The software has integration with DMS Flex and DMS Autostacja systems. The product search tool designed by us finds parts suitable for a given brand and model of car, while indicating which parts are applicable to many models. The system allows it to indicate the best price for a given part from a list of all available suppliers, which has resulted in significant savings on the part of the customer.

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