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Phinance S.A., is one of the largest financial advisory companies in Poland, with 45 branches in our country and a base of more than 1,000 advisors. Phinance offers more than 970 products that include mortgages, property insurance, life insurance, equity investments, and savings programs.

The client was looking for a partner to create, maintain and develop an Intranet system for more than two thousand active users to manage and automate processes in the organization and communicate effectively within the company.

We began by analyzing and expanding the Intranet that was currently in operation at Phinance. This allowed us to comprehensively identify the client’s needs and requirements. Our work resulted in a fast and reliable system with a completely new architecture and functionalities tailored to the client’s expectations.

The implementation of the software allowed the client to accelerate the deployment of new associates thanks to a training module and a knowledge base of the products offered. More effective management and planning of team development by sales managers through the use of a calendar module with the possibility of integration with external calendars, a career path module with current information on sales results and forecasts, and promotions of individual associates. Improving internal communication through the ability to assign priorities, select target groups of messages and present the company’s sales results.

Tools to facilitate daily work and increase the efficiency of salespeople allowing planning of activities, integration with the Call Center, contact with external partners, invoicing and an incentive system.


Our cooperation with Phinance has lasted continuously for more than 6 years, providing during this time service support and continuous expansion of the application with new modules.

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