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Solarika, which specializes in the design and construction of photovoltaic installations. The customer began working with ReSymbio in 2021. The goal was to create a dedicated application to automate the process of designing, quoting and billing for photovoltaic installations.

Before developing the system, we made an analysis of the photovoltaic industry, so that the developers creating the application would use the professional language of the industry. Thanks to this, communication with the client was very smooth.

All stages of work (analysis, pricing, test implementation, production implementation) were completed in 3 months.

Thanks to the implementation of the CRM system we designed, salespeople received a tool for the rapid design of photovoltaic installations with the ability to select the most optimal components and forecast the savings generated by the designed photovoltaic installation.

Bid preparation time was reduced from 3 hours to 5 minutes. At the same time, the system has eliminated 100% of errors related to traders’ billing.


The system is being developed all the time, and ReSymbio guarantees the availability of a team to implement new features. 

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