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ReSymbio was founded in 2016 by Radoslaw Konstanty, who decided to use his experience from working with one of the largest financial consulting companies in Poland and Warsaw Stock Brokerage House in the fields of administration, programming, business intelligence, business process optimization and team management to create his own organization. Joining forces with some of the best specialists in the Polish IT industry, he created ReSymbio – a company dedicated to consulting on building IT strategies and providing ready-made solutions in line with clients’ expectations. The company programs and implements systems that automate business and sales processes, optimize costs and analyze data. Currently, ReSymbio provides its services to clients in the financial, automotive, publishing or renewable energy industries. Our activities are characterized by high quality and reliability of the produced products, we specialize in PHP and JavaScript technologies. The key for us is to understand the client’s requirements and know their expectations, therefore during the implementation of projects we are committed to learning the specifics of the industry in which our clients operate, and we focus on open communication with customers. That is why we can boast a 100% project feasibility rate, we successfully undertake orders that previous contractors were not able to complete. Our systems are produced on time and with a focus on customer satisfaction.

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