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Client Background:

Our client, TF Silesia, is a State Treasury company with a share capital exceeding PLN 1.7 billion, specializing in demanding restructuring projects. With over 20 years of market experience, TF Silesia offers advisory services in project management, consulting for portfolio companies, and real estate leasing. The customer approached us with challenges in efficiently managing tenants. Lengthy processes involving tenant communication, rent payments, utility billing, accounting, collections, and contract management were time-consuming and prone to errors.

Project Objective:

The project aimed to streamline communication between the property management company and tenants through the implementation of the eBOK system. This software solution would facilitate the issuance of rental invoices with integrated payment options and enable instant messaging upon user login. 

Key Deliverables

Enhanced Customer Communication:
The system automates and accelerates the process of sharing documents, contracts, invoices, and meter readings with tenants.

Secure Payment Methods:

Integration with payment services for convenient payment options (bank transfer, quick transfer, card payment) directly through the user’s account.
Access to Financial


Tenants can easily access their account balance, payment deadlines, payment history, and outstanding balances, ensuring transparency and control over payments to the property management company.

Efficient Handling of Customer Inquiries:

Quick resolution of tenant inquiries such as emergencies, complaints, and data updates.

Consistent Branding:

The system’s user interface aligns with the property management company’s branding for a cohesive user experience.
User-Friendly Interface: The system features an intuitive and functional design based on the latest User Experience trends.


Designed to accommodate the company’s growth, with modular expansion capabilities.
By implementing the eBOK system, the property management company transformed its tenant management processes, enhancing communication, efficiency, and tenant satisfaction. The system’s user-centric design and comprehensive functionalities empower tenants with convenient access to essential services while streamlining operations for the property management company.

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